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  1. Thank you so much for your vulnerability and for your willingness to share feelings and experiences 那 are deeply personal. Thank you for helping other people feel like they are not alone.

    My only critical comment was the discussion about psychiatric medicine. I do believe 那 circumstances, stressors or toxic environments can contribute to mental illness, but I think it is dangerously simplistic to imply 那 removing oneself from those circumstances can eliminate the need for medication. Medication is neither a crutch nor a maniacal scheme by the pharmaceutical companies. I agree 那 big pharma is selfish and has done things to inhibit many cheap, natural or lifesaving/improving drugs to be available. But the psychiatric medication we do have, can be life saving and sometimes the only option. I worry 那 the message 那 came across was 那 depression can always be cured without medication. I worry 那 some people will either feel shame about using the antidepressants they are already on, or someone whose life could be saved or significantly improved with medication will never try it.

    Also, while it may be true 那 Utahans have a high rate of Prozac use, the cause cannot be simply pegged on religion. Correlation is not causation. There could be multiple factors such as a smaller gene pool where genes linked to depression could be more likely to be passed on, altitude or a myriad of other factors or a combination of factors. I agree 那 the shame, fakeness, religiosity and other toxic factors could be and likely are contributing, but I alarms always go off for me when complicated issues are painted with such a broad brush.

    1. 有趣的观点,Vhari。也许我错过了一些事情,但是我没有’t hear anyone in this interview suggest 那 medication is always and necessarily a crutch. I thought their point was 那 what might feel like clinical depression is not always but often nothing more than a “灵魂的黑暗之夜”是的,是由宗教压力,羞耻等引起的。是的,灵魂的黑夜有时会发展成临床抑郁症,是的,在这种情况下可能需要抗抑郁药,并且它们有时可以挽救生命。使用时不应感到羞耻,但与此同时,它们却被过度开处方。许多LDS女人告诉我她“completely messed up”通过一种或多种这些药物以及我的丈夫,’的在精神病院工作,一次又一次见过。


    2. I think 那 she did a great job showing 那 her depression really was situational. She didn’t imply anywhere 那 clinical depression shouldn’不要服药。我们不’t need to pretend 那 situational depression doesn’t exist to prove 那 clinical depression does.

  2. 另一个令人惊叹的摩门教故事,也是重要的一对伴侣的故事。安德鲁(Andrew)和艾莉森(Allison),感谢您的勇气和开放态度分享您的旅程。有时候听是很痛苦的,但是对于其他人而言,有必要知道我们在摩门教正统信仰上加倍努力可能会令人沮丧,并可能导致原本可能充满婚姻的婚姻破裂。

    I’m on 那 journey myself with a loving spouse 那 is following the church guidance not to look behind the curtain. One day I am hopeful she will do the work to learn about the full story of the church she clings to.


  3. 哇!感谢安德鲁(Andrew)和艾莉森(Allison)的诚实,诚意和勇气来讲述您的故事。它在许多不同的层面上引起了我的共鸣,而且非常康复。约翰,谢谢你所做的一切!

  4. This is an interview 那 shows how deep you have to dig for a marriage not to just survive, but to open up to let in the beauty and vulnerability 那 you can have in real intimacy between two people. I feel privileged to have been able to listen to this story. Thank you so much!

  5. Her story reflects so much of my own story. Especially the depression. It can be so deep and damaging and 那 realization 那 you have your own power, your own divinity within you, and your own authority over yourself can be the most freeing uplifting realization in the world. I wish I had discovered it sooner, but am so glad I discovered it. I relate to Andrew’s anger, and Allison’s depression. I’我仍然在学习如何从这里继续前进,但是看到了越来越多的光芒,自由和希望。谢谢大家分享您的故事!

  6. 很棒的播客。很高兴您愿意分享。
    A couple of months ago my Stake President called my husband and I in. The part 那 made the most mad was him saying 那 our kids would not know God and have strong morals if we did not let the church teach them. The worst part was he used letter from our oldest son to fuel the fear message. Serious use of a “Positive Freedom”战术。艾莉森,我爱“我过去常常相信这些谎言。” in your Mormon Story it rocked. I am still in a very strong feeling stage and I hate 那 junk the most, I can not even try going to church because I go nuts on people wanting to figuratively hit them upside the head with a big old Mormon history fact check tome.

  7. 我的带走:
    2.艾莉森可以分辨出她之间的区别“inner voice” and the holy ghost.

    1. 吉安
      从我曾经经历过的现实生活中,看到别人经历过,色情,不忠和羞耻不会导致怀疑。羞耻会导致很多事情,包括使某人在不参加时实际上留在教堂里’t want to, but it’不是什么导致某人难以置信。全心全意地爱一个教会,并全心全意地信任那些先行于你的人,然后找出故事和其他许多故事“truths”不是,也从来不是教会总是教我们的…是导致难以置信的原因。我一生都被告知,留在教堂是生活中真正的挑战,而离开教堂是轻松的出路。那’与真理相距甚远;挑战教会并提出困难的问题是困难的。如果您确实在我们的文化中挑战它,那么您将成为您自己的家人和家庭的流浪者。这些都是让人难以置信的事情…不是色情和不忠行为。信不信由你,有整个亚文化“良好的摩门教徒”在犹他州,他们担任主教之类的职务,他们与多个伴侣一遍又一遍地欺骗自己的配偶,尽管一直藏着它,然后去了圣殿,但他们仍然相信并且永远不会失去信仰或离开教堂。它’令人恶心。现在,我作为询问摩门教徒比以前更忠实,诚实和忠诚于我的妻子,…that’s truth.

      如果有人选择其他信仰系统,’s okay. That’是他们的选择。如果它’他们真正相信并与之和平相处的东西,然后’是一件好事。如果其他人觉得那些选择相信的人留下了毁灭性的破坏之路,那么他们需要健康的界限。没有人会为别人感到难过’的信仰选择。如果您因为孩子选择信仰其他事物而感到不适,那么您作为人的界限就很差。我的父母对离开教堂的哥哥也有这种感觉。他们觉得自己对他的救赎负有责任。如果某人因家庭成员离开教堂而被毁,那么他们需要进行现实检查;除了自己,没有人对任何人负责。您一生中唯一要控制的就是自己的思想,感觉和行为…no one else’s。一旦您尽自己所能教给自己的孩子,他们就会离开房子,并对自己负责。教会甚至将问责制的年龄定为8岁,但他们没有’t really believe 那 because they continue to guilt priesthood holders into believing 那 they are personally responsible for their entire family’s eternal salvation.

      那些与乔利类似的情况 ’s have been shamed BY the church, not by their own sins, and have been left hurt and damaged. Sins are easy to overcome and get past, but feeling betrayed by a church you loved for decades is a whole other story. Living and believing inside the church, we have been told many twisted 真相 那 we readily accepted for a long time and rarely do any of us realize the damage they are causing until we have an opportunity to step out and open our eyes a little. I am grateful for anyone willing to step up to the plate and be vulnerable and true to themselves, in or out of the church. I love my fellow Mormons who believe fully; I wish I was one of them. I also love my friends and family who don’相信。我们所有人在这一生之间都有很多彼此可以给予的东西。

  8. I just listened to the entire podcast. I really loved your story. Allison, as you explained your perspective as you broke through your belief and started seeing things in color- 那 just rang so true to me. Wonderful way of explaining things. We were part of an earlier podcast, and my sister in law and her husband had a similar story to yours. Absolutely loved your perspective. Thank you for being vulnerable and letting us all in!

  9. I remember seeing things this way. I might have put it just like you did at one time. But then I went through what this couple went through and I can tell you the change in belief does not come from porn or any other “sin.” True believers sin all the time. It causes guilt and ultimately leads them back into the fold. Even Jack Mormons are typically still believers. This is about a change in belief 那 comes from an ernest desire to know the truth. They just told you their story- why not believe them? I believe my family when they tell me they “know” the church is true. I believe them. I don’t doubt their sencerity. I used to believe the same thing. The least you can do is believe a person when they open up and are this vulnerable.

  10. 我建议跳过心理学上的约翰和安德鲁的吐槽,只听艾莉森的故事。我发现她的领导水平,体贴和真实。我希望约翰能让她多说话。


    Lastly, I’m not Mormon. I found this podcast very degrogitory and disrespectful to the Mormon Church. It’s ironic 那 the open song uses the words “ why do so many throw stone at those who are different”. I’m sure there a many who find happiness in the Mormon Church; however, listening to this podcast you get the impression the Mormon Church is the devils tool for psychological repression.


  11. 这是我所听过的最有力,最令人心动的采访之一。两个乔利’s were very well spoken, level headed, and real. Their willingness to be vulnerable and share their experience saved others from more guilt and shame. Not only can you raise a happy family outside of mormonism but you can raise a HAPPIER FAMILY outside of mormonism! A huge thank you for putting this together and taking the time to improve the lives of others 那 you don’t know.

  12. 谢谢你的分享。这是有力的,我希望我的配偶会听,我们的婚姻也可以以类似的方式治愈。在充分活跃并成为真正的信徒47年之后,我退出了摩门教,因此感到内,我的配偶感到被背叛了。谢谢约翰。

  13. 哇!


    我回过头来再次听了这一集,只是为了了解您作为一对的演变。您的高峰和低谷,破坏和重建都与我不断发展的力量产生了强烈的共鸣。’ve recognized in my own life. My tears were flowing walking along with you on this journey, and your perspective offers a great hope 那 marriages really can heal from this hurt and disconnection 那 feels like a near-constant feature of my marriage.

    谢谢艾莉森和安德鲁的勇气。 约翰,谢谢您主持和发布此对话。


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